After allegedly getting back together, Trouble and Alexis Skyy have left people wondering about their relationship status. No one really knows whether they broke up again, or never got back together in the first place. What we do know is that Trouble tried to shoot his shot on social media with Angela Simmons' newest post.

Simmons is looking stunning in her cheetos-inspired outfit, with an additional bag to seal the deal. While she was just chilling and minding her business, out came Trouble. The Atlanta rapper jokingly posted on his story ''I don't think I ever imagined my face being a bag of cheetos until today.''  His boastful comment went viral, and attracted a lot of haters considering the actress is known as a reverend's daughter -- the one and only Joseph Simmons, aka reverend Run. 

This is ridiculous considering the fact she is also a lot of things, including a mother, a producer, an actress and more. It was no surprise that someone like Trouble would comment on this post-- maybe to get her attention.

We know that if him and Alexis were together, she probably wouldn't have approved this behaviour, so it's safe to say that the rumours of them being together could be put to rest. Do Trouble and Angela have a chance? All we know is that if he really did want to shoot his shot, he would've tried sliding into her dm's, which may or may not have happened at this point. The rapper did, however, get our attention with that post, and possibly Alexis' and Angela's.