Halsey has been super candid in the past about the miscarriage she unfortunately suffered back in 2015, but in her recent interview with The Guardianshe got even more honest, confessing that the tragic experience was “the most inadequate I’ve ever felt.” Halsey has opened up about suffering a miscarriage at 20 years old while she was on tour many times, noting that the miscarriage actually occurred while she was on stage. As if the experience wasn’t upsetting enough, Halsey became the victim of online vitriol for sharing her struggle. Now, Halsey has dropped her new single, “More,” in which she expresses her desire to have a child. However, she admits that she was afraid of releasing it due to the abuse she faced online as a result of talking publicly about her miscarriage.

Halsey's Miscarriage Was "The Most Inadequate" She's Ever Felt
Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

“It’s the most inadequate I’ve ever felt,” she said. “Here I am achieving this out-of-control life, and I can’t do the one thing I’m biologically put on this earth to do. Then I have to go onstage and be this sex symbol of femininity and empowerment? It is demoralizing.” Halsey also talked about her struggles with endometriosis, a uterine condition and reproductive illness that poses a difficulty for conception. After receiving her diagnosis in 2017, Halsey decided to freeze her eggs, and now, she says that her most recent prognosis is looking positive. She told The Guardian that motherhood is “looking like something that’s gonna happen for me. That’s a miracle.” Happy for you, girl.