The days before Tristan Thompson entered Khloe Kardashian’s life and caused havoc on her emotions with his cheating ways, he was with Jordy Craig and was expecting his first child with the model. As the story goes, Tristan got with Khloe while Jordy was still pregnant and unfortunately, he did the same thing to Khloe when he cheated on her weeks before she was set to give birth to their daughter, True. 

Fans are now suspecting that Tristan and Jordy are attempting to try again at a relationship since they both shared images from a similar location, sparking many to believe they took a trip to paradise together for some R&R. 

As seen in the image below, Jordy is posted up with her son Prince Thompson at a “secret location.”

Tristan shared a similar image to his feed that sees his son sitting pretty on a yacht. “My little Prince is living life,” he wrote. While it’s obvious that Jordy may have sent Tristan an image of their son living large on vacation, there’s a small chance that maybe they’re trying things again.

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