Once upon a time, Lala Kent was a target of 50 Cent’s when the Vanderpump Rules star’s fiance Randall Emmett was dealing with a debt issue with Fif. When Lala jumped into the mess and said on television that she “dinged Fifty’s ego” and had “a receipt to prove” it, the rapper/ actor went in on Lala on Instagram. Once Randall paid back his debt the drama was settled and it was history. 

50 Cent's Former Foe Lala Kent Celebrates One Year Of Sobriety
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Lala has come through on Instagram with a special announcement, telling her followers that she’s been sober for one year. Lala has previously opened up about a family trip she had a year ago that urged her to get help when it came to her drinking habits.

“This is the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever had in my life and the one I am most proud of. The moments I have had in the past year have been a blessing that I have been present for. I didn’t have that before. Today, I will celebrate my 1 year birthday because it’s exciting. It is also humbling. Because today, and every day after that, I will fight for it. But I wont give it up for anything,” she wrote on Instagram.