Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been bubbling with drama mainly between Apryl Jones, and B2K’s Fizz and Omarion. As we know, Fizz and Apryl have been rumoured to be dating for some time now since they moved in together and posted images of them sharing the same bed but they shut down such reports stating how they’re just best friends.

Fizz & Apryl Jones' On-Screen Kiss Confirm Their Relationship Status
 Jesse Grant/Getty Images

The duo’s pairing has so much drama surrounding it since Apryl is Omarion’s ex and they share two children together and Fizz once dated Moneice, another star on the series. Any and all reports of whether Fizz and Apryl are just friends or are really dating has now been put to rest since their on-screen kiss from the latest episode of the show proves that they’re really a thing and this seemingly wasn’t the first time they locked lips.

As we expected, the Twitterverse has come through with lots of responses and fans are not at all surprised. “Damn Moniece. They’ve played her every season as if she’s unstable. She’s just sensitive, raw and real. I wish her nothing but the best. She’s better off, Fizz & Apryl whack asses deserve each other,” one user wrote. Peep more reactions below.