Ibrahim Hamad, best known as the co-founder of Dreamville alongside J. Cole has declared Dababy to be his favorite rapper at the time, outside of his own stacked lineup of artists. “That boy cooldddd,” penned Ib in a Tweet.

It should come as no surprise really given the consistency and talent that Baby has flexed within the past few months. The North Carolina rapper also landed a featured spot on the Revenge of the Dreamers III compilation project on the “Under The Sun” standout.


Most recently, he stole the show with his XXL Freshman Class freestyle,  quickly establishing himself among strong fans, both new and old. 

In addition, just a week ago Nicki Minaj hopped on DaBaby’s “Suge” backdrop to deliver on a remix of her own, subsequently increasing the Charlotte rapper’s market value in the process.

It’s been quite the year for baby, whose Baby On Baby breakout project arrived earlier in the year and with it, came a considerably rapid rise to stardom. Since its arrival, DaBaby has gone on to grace Billboard’s most coveted charts, flexing his viability as a commercial success while also finding time to show off his skill at every stop, crafting a hefty catalog of praiseworthy freestyle sessions along the way.