In an industry where people often bite their tongues and play nice because they fear backlash or ridicule, K. Michelle goes against the tide. The confrontational singer has never found sharing her thoughts and opinions to be difficult, and on the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, she had a new target.

During a scene, Grammy-nominated producer-songwriter Brittnay B. was sitting with K. Michelle and explaining to her that she was planning on working on music with Blac Chyna. Brittnay B. complimented Chyna’s musical abilities, saying that she could sing and “has a tone.” The news seemed to set off Ms. Kimberly who expressed her aggravation with people who she says just think they can jump into making music anytime they like.

“This industry is the only industry where a mothaf*cka can just walk in without an audition,” K. Michelle said. “This music is something you fight for your whole life. It’s not something that you just automatically know that you wanna do. This be people’s last resort.” She added, “The gift that God gave me? That is not the last resort to your d*ck s*cking that didn’t work.”

In a green-screen segment, K. Michelle continued her tirade. “I literally last year y’all, rolled myself onstage to sing for my fans in a wheelchair,” she said. “So why the f*ck do you think I wanna talk about these fake ass artists. I bust my ass. I love this sh*t. It’s how I eat. I’m not finna entertain the people who just out here playing.” Do you think she has a point? Or is she being too harsh?