Over the weekend, Lori Harvey found her way back into the headlines when she reportedly attempted to flee from the police after getting into a serious car crash, flipping over her vehicle. The model was driving in Beverly Hills and she was reportedly texting at the same time, causing her to become distracted and strike another car. She was apparently helped out of the whip by somebody in the car she hit but, after that, sources say she tried to get away before the police arrived. She was not booked but was arrested on a couple of charges. Now, her father, comedian and television host Steve Harvey, is facing all the internet trollery because of his step-daughter’s actions.

Steve Harvey Trolled Online After Lori Harvey's Reported Hit & Run Crash
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As of now, Steve is being clowned all over social media. The man makes a living out of guiding others on his successful television programs but, for some reason, some people believe he went wrong with Lori. The model has been living her best life this year, dating some of the most high-profile names in the industry. She’s been spotted with Trey Songz, Diddy, and even Diddy’s son… After her car crash, fans are finally starting to speak out online and they’re being pretty brash.

“Steve Harvey out here fixing others but can’t even fix Lori Harvey,” wrote one commenter, which is a sentiment that resonated with many others. Somebody else added that, while Steve is preaching for people to go down the right path, his daughter is doing the exact opposite. 

Are you blaming her behavior on Steve or should he be kept out of this?