Aaron Carter Feels Bad About His Recent Antics, Asks Public To "Leave Me Alone"

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Aaron Carter
He accused his siblings of physical abuse and rape over the last week.

People have seriously been concerned about Aaron Carter's well-being over the past few weeks. After news circulated that the former child star's family members obtained a restraining order against him, Aaron has unleashed a series of accusations against his siblings. According to Nick Carter, Aaron's Backstreet Boys-singing brother, Aaron revealed that he had thoughts and intentions of killing Nick's pregnant wife and their unborn child. Days later, Aaron took to Twitter to say that his brother physically abused him throughout his childhood, and he accused his late sister of sexual abuse, writing that she began raping him when he was 10 and didn't stop until he was 13-years-old. 

Because Aaron has shared that he was diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia, many believe that some of his accusations are the result of mental health issues. Some have suggested that he may be on drugs, as the singer has struggled with substance abuse over the years. However, Aaron asserts that he's sober and that all of the allegations he's put forth about his family are true, even those that state Nick has raped multiple women, including a 91-year-old.

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Now, the 31-year-old returns to social media to offer up a sort of apology for his recent remarks, saying that he's always wanted the best for his family but things didn't always work out that way. "I've spent most of my adult life seeking validation from these same people. I started to get a chip on my shoulder when I kept coming up short on something that doesn't cost a thing. LOVE," he wrote. "What transpired recently does not represent my true wants or needs. I've been fighting fire with fire, something I still need to work on."

Aaron goes on to deny claims that he's violent, writing that he's never had any thoughts of hurting or killing anyone. "I ask everyone to leave me alone and let the legal system do their thing," Aaron said, adding, "The truth shall set you free!" Read the full message below.

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