With time, details surrounding the death of 21-year-old recording artist Juice WRLD will become more clear. The circumstances surrounding his passing are truly tragic. The man was one of the most popular artists in the world, impacting the music industry immediately after breaking out, collaborating with Future on a joint album and earning one of the top songs of last year in “Lucid Dreams.” We’re all revisiting his music this week and, with an autopsy scheduled for later today, his exact cause of death should soon be revealed. For now, assumptions are flying around with many pointing a finger to the rapper’s alleged drug use as the cause of his seizure. A new report will certainly add weight to those claims.

<a href="/profile/Juice-WRLD" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Juice WRLD</a> "Popped Several Pills" Before Death: Report
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According to TMZ, members of Juice WRLD’s entourage told police that, before suffering a medical emergency at the Midway Airport in Chicago, the star “popped several pills” on the plane. His team was unsure of what he had taken but one person close to the artist reportedly says that he had a Percocet problem. In addition to the pills, a bottle of codeine cough syrup was found on the jet.

Upon inspecting the cargo on the plane, over seventy pounds of marijuana was found stashed away in suitcases. As we previously let you know, two men were arrested on firearms charges at the scene of Juice’s death. Both Chris Long and Henry Dean have been released from jail.

Juice WRLD "Popped Several Pills" Before Death: Report
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