UPDATE: Polo G’s representative has provided us with the following statement. “Relating to the unfortunate incident on September 21st at RBC Polo G show, a member of Polo G’s team was assaulted. In an effort to protect his family an altercation occurred with several individuals, Polo G and his team. Polo did not sustain any injuries.”

Polo G is currently wrapping up his tour in support of his excellent debut album, Die A Legend, before heading out on another tour with Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly. At his concert at the RBC Deep Ellum in Dallas on Saturday night (Sept 21), a brawl broke out and the Chicago rapper wanted in on the action. 


Based on the footage shared of the debacle, it’s hard to make out what went down exactly. However, one witness’ account detailed that there were two concertgoers who instigated the brawl. One of the instigators ran off after things got heated, but another was grabbed by a security guard. Once Polo G saw the opportunity to get back at this guy who disrupted his show, he starts swinging at him. The videos from the event are chaotic but you can seen bodies flying and Polo G can be made out at moments due to his red t-shirt. 

The brawl must have gotten pretty ugly because people were also filmed running for their lives outside the venue and shouting “MOVE!” Toosii, an artist who opened the show, referenced the fight on Twitter on Sunday morning, writing, “Polo swing I swing.” Polo G has not commented on the altercation. 

Polo G Jumps Into A Brawl At His Dallas Concert

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