We all know Young Thug changes his mind a lot and, when he does, he will usually reveal his latest impulsive decision through Twitter. He has gone on there to rename his albums several times. Before landing on So Much Fun, Thug's latest album's title was supposed to be GOLDMOUFDOG. He has even tried to give himself a new alias, once claiming that he would be recording under his birth name, Jeffery. However, that just ended up being assigned as title of his 2016 mixtape. He later announced that he wished to be referred to as "SEX", which unfortunately, didn't stick. Actually, Thugger might still be trying to make that pseudonym work, as he shouts "Young SEX" on his new song, "Lil Baby". 


Anywho, it appears Thug's latest whim was to change the name of his upcoming tour, which he will be co-headlining alongside Machine Gun Kelly. The tour initially did not have a name, but, as of yesterday, as per Thug's tweet, it has been deemed the "JUSTIN BIEBER BIG" tour. Perhaps Young Thug attaining his first #1 album with So Much Fun has gotten to his head, now believing he is comparable to one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Either way, Young Thug will always occupy the biggest place in our hearts, so we'll forgive his delusions of grandeur. 


Either Young Thug had decided on this tour name prior to tweeting it out or he had some merch made incredibly quickly because that same day he posted a photo of himself on Instagram in a pink hoodie with Bieber smoking a cigarette on it. It goes without saying that the garment is a must cop. There doesn't seem to have been any public endorsement of the tour from the Biebs, although he has collaborated with Young Thug on the classic Travis Scott track, "Maria, I'm Drunk". 


The "JUSTIN BIEBER BIG" tour kicks off in Toronto on September 30, and will also bring along Killy, Polo G and YBN Nahmir as openers.