Adam22 Explains The "Mind-Blowing" Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him

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He denies anything inappropriate ever occurred.

The interviewer became the interviewee on Wednesday when No Jumper's Adam22 was in the hot seat on Sway's Universe. The podcast host sat down with the popular radio show to talk about a myriad of topics related to his hip hop program, and during the conversation, Sway asked Adam about the sexual misconduct allegations that arose in 2018.

Adam had inked an imprint deal with Atlantic Records around that time for his No Jumper Records label, but following the accusations, the deal went south. Pitchfork reported that they spoke to two women who shared details of their alleged encounters with the podcast host. According to both women, Adam raped them, an accusation that he vehemently denied on social media. An anonymous woman also came forward, withholding her name because she claimed to be fearful of retaliation.

Sitting with Sway in present-day, Adam was asked about that controversial time. "That sh*t was such bullsh*t," he said. "Like, a girl that I dated like, 12 years ago, who...we had a delightful relationship, to be real, until she cheated on me with this guy in a band. That was kinda upsetting. But then later on for some reason after I did this little label deal with Atlantic, they f*ckin' got in touch with this girl, and for the first time in 12 years, I heard that she thought that something improper had happened in our relationship. It just didn't!"

"That's the crazy sh*t about me. There's no evidence, there's no email, there's no threatening email, there's no text, there's no MySpace messages...there's literally nothing. She never once ever said this. Then she comes out, 10, 12 years later, anonymously, says this sh*t about me, and people are taking it serious."

He went on to say that he didn't spend too much time explaining away the situation because he didn't want to bring more attention to it. However, he called the situation "mind-blowing." Watch his full explanation of the misconduct allegations below, beginning around the 16:45 mark.

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