Adam 22 knows when he done goofed. Upon realizing that he inadvertently posted Slim 400's hospital address on the internet, he lets out a sigh that would make even the most ardent stoner sound enthused. Given that Slim was shot nine times at the end of June, the rapper has every right to be a little irate at Adam's gaffe. "Auuuggggh," he exhales, upon being called out by an incredulous Slim. "I know. I screenshotted the conversation." "And posted it!" cries Slim. "Damn, that's fucked up," says Adam, his tone comically devil-may-care. "I got shot nine times," lays out Slim. "You want them n***as to come back to the hospital?"

Brandon Williams/Getty Images 

"That didn't happen, did it?" asks Adam. Slim pauses. "No it didn't! Thank God! But like, bro, you did that!" "It's fucked up," scowls Adam. "Who'd do that," continues Slim, keeping a jovial tone in spite of the potential severity. "That's out, Adam. You could have had me killed." Adam groans aloud - "I know!" "They was already expecting to do that," says Slim, emphasizing his words with disapproval that would make Danny McBride proud. "They would have came and sat in the parking lot or some shit!"

"Would you have been able to sleep at night?" asks Slim 400, with an "I'm not mad, just disappointed" tone. "Not easily," replies Adam. "I'm black," continues Slim. "I'm an affiliate. I'm really out here repping shit." "Yeah, I fucked up," confirms Adam. "I'm really sorry about that. It didn't occur to me." "That's some fucked-up ass shit, Adam," declares Slim. "I been meaning to tell you that." Check out the clip, which feels strangely comedic in spite of the circumstances, via No Jumper's IG page below.