Following his recent interview with the elusive Young Thug, Adam22 of No Jumper took to YouTube to share his reflections on how it all went down. For one, Adam explains that Juice WRLD actually hooked up the meeting, inviting the No Jumper host to Thugger's trailer after a show. "Juice WRLD leads us to Thug's trailer, and when we get there, there's security outside," explains Adam. "We realized, Juice is definitely going in without us." He proceeded to lurk outside on a picnic table, hoping for a chance to "shoot his shot" at landing the coveted Thugger interview. "At a certain point, Thug comes out, and it's like, he's about to go on stage," continues Adam. "He takes one look at me and walks right toward me. He gives me a pound, and says 'we gon' get it in.' I didn't know what the hell to think when I heard that."

He also advises anyone looking to get into journalism to skip the middle-types and head straight to the source. "All the different people on that person's team, they're all basically there to say no and act as a filter for stuff," explains Adam. And though he did manage to successfully land a one-on-one with Thugger, he reveals one of the main ways in which he "dropped the ball," by his own admission.

"I should have thought about the fact that asking Thug about Lil Wayne would be really good," says Adam. "But it's tough to bring up Lil Wayne. Cause that's obviously the rapper that Thug has looked up to more in his career, but then also there's all this beef shit. Thug was accused of basically hiring someone to shoot up Wayne's bus. That's a complicated thing to ask about. You can't just ask about open criminal case because it's kind of weird, especially with someone like Thug, doing this cool, chill interview...But then Thug opened the conversation up, because he mentioned Wayne a bunch of times!"

"As soon as he started comparing rappers to Wayne, this is how I could have asked about that situation, without actually asking about that situation," reflects Adam, providing an example of a possible line of questioning. "You mentioned Wayne, so what did you think about his last album? Is it hard for you to be a fan of him still, given that you guys have had tension?" He also clarifies reports that Future snubbed him, explaining that he doesn't necessarily expect every rapper to know him on sight. "I'm not operating from a perspective where I assume where Future knows who I am," explains Adam. "He was walking into the room to see Thug."