No Jumper personality Adam22 is well-respected within the hip-hop community. He has his finger on the pulse of the culture, knowing what's about to pop and taking chances on up-and-coming rappers. Still, he's been accused by some of taking advantage of the culture. As one of the most famous rap YouTubers, Adam draws large crowds on each of his videos. There will always be some interviews that don't perform as well as others but Adam still depends on his large audience to make a living. One of his recent talks with Dame Dash went viral because of something that was introduced after the video went live. The No Jumper host claimed that Dame refused to swing by unless he was provided $500 to get his hair cut. Following up on the controversy, Dame interviewed Adam on his own platform to get to the bottom of things.

Right off the bat, you can see where things are headed. Dame isn't afraid of calling out his subjects during interviews and he started off with some strong questions. You will notice that Dame barely lets Adam get a word in at the beginning but once the "culture vulture" talk started around twenty minutes through, Adam got his chance. 

Asking Adam directly what he would say to those who consider him a culture vulture, Dame Dash prompted his guest to explain his reasoning. "I think there's a fine line between making content about shit that you're into and then just like shamelessly exploiting black culture," he said. "I don't get mad when I see people say that about me because the truth is I've probably stepped over the line and done some stupid ass shit and been too comfortable talking about black shit on camera." He goes on to bring up some direct examples, including the time he shared Slim 400's hospital address after he was shot.

Watch them discuss the controversial topic below.