It’s been a long time since K. Michelle has been shaking tables on reality television. Ms. Kimberly has revamped her image from a brawling Memphis chick whose career was facing closed door after closed door, and for years she’s revamped herself so that her music can do all the fighting for her. She’s never been shy about her love for country music, but it seems that not everyone is pushing for her to step into the twanging charts—pop or otherwise.

At a recent event in Nashville, Tennessee—where the greatest country artists are made—K. stormed a stage and took to the mic to not only hip folks to the game about her accolades but to tell them that whether they like it or not, she’s coming for the genre with full force. “Hello, Nashville. My name is K. Michelle. I have three number one albums on Billboard,” she began. “You can pull out your Google right now…I am a black girl that sings better than any white motherfu*cking country singer in Nashville right now.”

“And guess what? I have a ton of your favorite people behind me,” K. continued. “So, when I say I’m the next mother f*cking Taylor Swift, it’s not a motherf*cking joke. It’s the motherf*cking truth. I’m black as sh*t. I listen to City Girls, and I curse mother f*ckers out.” After that, the clip fades out as K. was still speaking, so we don’t know the remainder of her message.

She captioned the posted-and-deleted clip by writing, “HEY Nashville! I was not invited but I came. I walked right up there and had a public service announcement that: Nashville ‘I AM HERE’ you can’t keep telling me I can’t sing your music but the truth is it’s MINE. It’s ours. We bleed the same blood. Let’s make some magical music regardless of how we look. We can all exist together.”

There have been lack artists who have found fame through country music, but the genre is far from being as integrated as many would hope for. Lil Nas X wasn’t recognized or applauded for his “Old Town Road” efforts until Billy Ray Cyrus jumped on the remix, and when Beyoncé performed at the Country Music Awards back in 2016, she was the target of backlash from country music fans who didn’t want her on what they deemed to be their stage.