K. Michelle has been very open about her "black market" butt implants and the removal of them due to the pain it was causing her body. “I’ve gone through a physical transformation, a mental transformation, I think I’m more tough,” she said of the procedure.

 “I’ve always been a fighter and able to survive but it’s made me pay attention to other people around me and all the things I take for granted. Now, I don’t take a minute for granted. And hopefully this [transformation] will go on through the rest of my life and not just through this healing process, but so people can tell the difference in my fight. It’s even stronger.”

Since the operation, K. Michelle has been flaunting her natural curves and assets, proud of her decision to own her natural state. A recent share to Instagram detailed how she had six surgeries in three months with just one more left to go. One of her followers felt the need to call K. Michelle out, writing: "Technically not all natural if you still wear weaves, ya teeth were done and ya boobs are done."

K. Michelle didn't let it slide and replied back to the woman calling her out for her own look - check it out below.