Last week, we reported on Avengers: End Game inching closer to beating Avatar in the race for the biggest movie of all time. The Disney and Marvel box office had garnered another $2.8 million dollars via global box office (which includes the re-release sales) that weekend and the latter boosted overall ticket sales to $2.78 billion worldwide. As such, End Game was then only $7.16 million dollars behind Avatar’s massive record of $2.788 billion dollars. To note, the sci-fi movie held the top spot for almost a decade. And now, it has finally been beaten. According to Variety, the Marvel film has managed to beat Avatar’s 10-year-reign this past Saturday.

The superhero blockbuster film crossed the $2.78 billion dollar mark this weekend after ticket sales exceeded the $500K needed to beat Avatar’s $2.78 billion dollar score. In total, End Game has garnered approximately $853 million dollars in the box office which makes the movie the second-highest-grossing film in North America behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Internationally, it clocked in a strong $1.9 billion dollars from UK, South Korean and Mexican markets amongst several others. The re-release of the film last month with extra footage surely hinted at Disney’s ambition to beat the score and now it has.