Avengers: End Game has had a triumphant run and we have continuously reported on the record it has broken since its release in theatres. Most recently, the box office smash-hit managed to outrun Avatar and snag the title of the highest-grossing movie of all time. The latter stemmed from a wise sales approach wherein the movie was re-released in theatres with some additional scenes to attract fans to come re-watch their favorite Superhero flick. The Disney and Marvel box office had garnered another $2.8 million dollars via the global box office on the weekend of July 21st which boosted overall ticket sales to $2.78 billion worldwide. As such, End Game was then only $7.16 million dollars behind Avatar’s massive record of $2.788 billion dollars. To note, the sci-fi movie held the top spot for almost a decade. And since, it has finally been beaten. According to Variety, the Marvel film successfully beat Avatar’s 10-year-reign.


And now, we’ve got word from HYPEBEAST that the beloved movie is now available on all digital platforms. Although the film released all the way back in April, the film was released digitally this weekend. For those who fear to watch the whole three hours, you even have the option of pausing throughout the movie to take a break (it is long.) The movie will be available on Blu-ray later this month on August 13th.