Amber Rose has been pregnant for a while. She should be expecting the baby any day now… although it’s been ”any day now” for over a month. The 35 year old hit her 9 month mark back on September 9th. She never fails to stay positive though, as she flaunts her baby bump in her latest Gram post, claiming ”Yes, I’m Still Pregnant.”

Amber Rose has been pregnant with Alexandre ”AE” Edwards’ child. He also didn’t seem too bothered as he photobombed her video, and was recently spotted with new blonde hair, and ”blinged out” grills. The baby mama did a cute little dance in the video, while wearing a leopard print midi-dress, accentuating her bump. She teamed the look with a pair of black sneakers, cap, and minimal make-up — showcasing her belly to the paparazzi on her way to the wig store.

”Libra Baby,” she declared on one of her posts, hinting at a possible new arrival this October. She also exhibited how tired she is, “I can’t walk that well. My ankles got a little swollen; my feet got a little swollen. But for the most part, I’m all belly. He’s coming soon, can’t wait.” Any day now. We’re tired for you Amber. Hold tight! 

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