Amber Rose is welcoming her second child with boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards. The 35-year-old model and media personality has previously discussed the hardships she's endured with this pregnancy since being diagnosed with hyperemesis. "For people that don't know what it is, it's basically extreme nausea, vomiting, and dehydration. [I'm] really, really tired. I can eat a little bit more now that I'm in my second trimester but not much. I pretty much sleep all day," she previously explained

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While her diagnosis sounds all kinds of uncomfortable, one thing that hasn't seemed to change is her sex life. TMZ caught up with Amber and her A.E. in Los Angeles and the paparazzi had the audacity to ask about their bedroom happenings since being pregnant. Amber stayed mute while Alex assured the publication that it's still happening and it's "fire."

"Honey, stop talking," Amber told Alex. 

Elsewhere in the TMZ meetup, Amber explained how she's opting out of her annual SlutWalk this year since her baby is due around the same time. The event usually takes a year to plan and due to the amount of stress she's under, she just wants to deal with her pregnancy with no other interruptions.