Kash Doll Shows Love To Lil Kim & Admits Past Resentments

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Kash Doll, Lil Kim

It's all good now.

It isn't every day that hip hop artists hop online to put their bad blood to rest, but Kash Doll and Lil Kim did just that on Wednesday. The rich and famous have decended on New York City for Fashion Week, and Kash Doll has been enjoying her time with some of her favorite entertainers. She shared her excitement about meeting Jamie Foxx and Fantasia during the Big Apple's fashion extravaganza, but it was her run-in with Lil Kim that sparked a series of tweets.

Many moons ago, there was a bit of friction between Kash Doll and veteran rapper Lil Kim, causing the Detroit artist to say a few less than favorable words about the Queen Bee. However, when they ran into each other at New York Fashion Week, they were able to put the past hostility to rest.

"First of all i met lil Kim lastnight!!!!!!" Kash Doll wrote on Twitter. "She was sooooooo sweet i had to apologize to her for going on a rant when i was younger!! I was in my feelings about some sh*t someone i was working with told me she said i couldn’t go on tour with her 🙄 lil Kim didn’t event know." Kash Doll added, "She was so G about it! Hugged me and embraced me like listen you’re too talented for that ❤️❤️ i love learning shit from OGs!! @LilKim thank u for everything! 😘😘😘 you’re truly an icon love."

Kim didn't hesitate to respond with a few kind words of her own. "U have always Been a hustling get money fly ass b*tch wit skills , u r a go getta & I love that about u I always rooted for u even still & i always wanted 2 support u plus u 4rm one of my fav places 🙌🏽 Real recognize real & last night we had a real moment Love u queen," she wrote. Kim added that she asked Kash Doll to apologize publicly and respected that she followed through.

"In Life we make mistakes and bad decisions sometimes but it’s how that woman fixes it is what defines her I asked at @Kashdoll to fix it publicly so I can support her publicly and she kept her word @kashdoll u r a true queen for that I respect u even more."

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