Kash Doll used social media to thank her fans in Chicago for a great concert showing. She even alluded to flashing the crowd her breasts as a way of rewarding their generosity, a gestured that was received with a small pocket of criticism on the Net. In the following series postings, Kash Doll thanks the Chicago, makes an allusion to a fake gun she pointed at the crowd, then proceeds to shout out the next tour stop in Detroit, Michigan.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

That's when a user whose Instagram handle was obscured by the ShadeRoom (for legal reasons) jumped in the comments to question her indecency. Little did he know, but Kash Doll is ever-so active on social media, you might even say very "hands on." So once she picked up on the criticism after filing through her notifications, it didn't take her long to register a response.

As it turns out the user who commented, "Why would u point that a crowd" in reference to "gun" was wrong to pick a fight with the rapper. It just so happens the commenter was holding some pretty incriminating stuff on his own page: a thirst trap selfie leaving nothing to the imagination, bottoms and all. So, without further ado, Kash Doll chimed in asking, "why u naked in that second pic on your page like yo body look good?' And that was all she wrote if you catch my drift.