It feels like every month, we’re looking over a new list that was created with the sole intention of going viral. What else do these lists serve anyways? That type of content is fully subjective. Music is a personal thing. Some people like Tupac better than Biggie. Others are programmed the other way around. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, y’all. Nobody is going to be fully satisfied with any sort of ranking that gets circulated online. Gucci Mane shared a viral list of Atlanta’s top rappers of all-time yesterday and he noted that he was unhappy with the results. It turns out that he’s not the only one who was pissed.

Reaching Atlanta via the United Kingdom as a young child, 21 Savage was raised in Georgia, adopting a hard lifestyle and learning how to survive in the streets. The menacing spitter has been fairly quiet this year after his immigration arrest but he made sure to speak out about this chart that’s going around. For context, 21 Savage is ranked at No. 33.

“FUCK THAT P***Y ASS LIST,” wrote the rapper on his Instagram story, leaving his capitals intact for emphasis. Savage isn’t the first to have critiqued the post, which is clearly flawed. Russ attempted to console Gucci Mane yesterday on his proper upload, reminding the icon that he’s sold the fourth-most singles in Atlanta hip-hop history. Do you think this list matters in the grand scheme of things?

21 Savage Berates Creator Of Viral Atlanta Rapper List