Well, this is a surprise. It’s not every day that we get to hear new music from Drake but finally, his remix of Kevin O Chris’ track “Ela É Do Tipo” is here. The cut was teased a few weeks ago when Kevin shared a snippet of Drake’s inclusion but finally, we can hear the complete thing.

Out of nowhere, this new record has appeared online via Kevin’s channels, featuring a fresh verse from the world-renowned Canadian artist and serving as an introduction to his own music for many. Before today, not many people in the States were aware of Kevin O Chris but we can guarantee that he’s just opened a whole lotta eyes with this release. The “Ela É Do Tipo” remix was distributed via OVO Sound and Warner Records.

Let us know what you think of the brand new remix and don’t forget to leave a rating above.


Quotable Lyrics:

First time I saw you, I wasn’t thinking of you and I
I was just thinking of I
First time we fucked was at my place, it was a couple years late
But it was fate and I think you feel good about it
So now we end up in this place we both hate
And I think it takes a sacrifice
Now face, it’s not right, it’s impractical
For you to leave that man and come and just be mine