At the end of last month, Meek Mill was finally pronounced a free man. After facing a gun charge back in 2007, Meek got caught in the vicious cycle of the carceral system. Endless probation and a biased judge ensured that any minor slip up that the Philly rapper made would risk him being dragged back to jail. Luckily, Meek was assigned a less vindictive judge two weeks ago and his long-standing court case was officially closed. Now that Meek has pleaded guilty to his misdemeanor gun charge, he can enjoy his time without (or with less) fear of surveillance and arrest. 

After all his charges were dropped, Meek released the following statement: “I’ll continue to use my platform to make communities safer and reform our criminal justice system.” Even though he’s clearly committing his time to taking on the hefty issues plaguing his country, with a massive weight lifted off his shoulders, Meek is now able to be more lighthearted.

Today, he joked about his arrest for ATVing in New York in 2017. The fact that he was arrested at a charity basketball event for children demonstrated how serious the target on his back was, but now he can look back on it with some humor. Meek posted a photo on Instagram of a masked man being chased by many police cars as he rides an ATV through the streets. The caption reads, “Me on my day off lol.” Even though Meek is now a free man, he likely won’t be dabbling in anything that risky since he has an important mission to attend to

Meek also referenced his ATV arrest when he posted a photo of the Meek Mill Street installation set up for Made In America Fest this year