The strengthening of Jay-Z and Meek Mill's personal and professional relationship has been a wonderful thing to watch. The two have collaborated on music, filmbusiness ventures and criminal justice reform. Jay-Z hosted his Made In America festival in Philadelphia this past weekend and he showed his deep respect for Meek by naming a street after him in his hometown.

Unfortunately, Meek Mill Street was only a temporary renaming for the duration of the festival, as it served as the site of an installation. A group of dirtbikers performed tricks on the street. Among the bikers was Meek Mill's first athletic signee on his Dreamchaser imprint, Chino Braxton, who also later signed with Roc Nation's sports management branch. Meek posted a photo of his street's sign on Instagram with the caption, "Yes you can wheelie on this block", jokingly referencing his 2017 arrest for reckless endangerment after riding through New York City on a dirt bike. Jay-Z was also photographed hanging on Meek's corner.

Even though Meek Mill Street is no longer there, it likely won't be long before the city officially names a street after the rapper, considering all the initiatives he's been undertaking to give back to his community. Most recently, Meek refurbished a basketball court in his childhood neighborhood of East Fairmount Park