Snoop Dogg Reacts To 6ix9ine Hiring New Lawyer: “Let That Rat Rot”

Snoop Dogg still isn’t down with Tekashi69.

BYAlex Zidel
Snoop Dogg Reacts To 6ix9ine Hiring New Lawyer: “Let That Rat Rot”

Whoever signed on to defend Tekashi69 as part of his legal representation, Snoop Dogg wants you to do the worst possible job in court. In the past, Uncle Snoop has been vocal about his distaste for Tekashi 6ix9ine. The West Coast OG called him out for going against the G Code and snitching on his once-allies. Not much has changed and Snoop still holds the rainbow-haired artist in his bad book.

Snoop Dogg Reacts To 6ix9ine Hiring New Lawyer: "Let That Rat Rot"
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Today, we reported on 6ix9ine's latest legal move. The rapper hired Alex Spiro, who previously defended 21 Savage in his immigration case, to try and get out of jail as soon as possible. His trial begins in a few months and Tek wants to be as prepared as possible for what's to come. He knows it won't be easy to get off scot-free but he's trying his hardest. Snoop Dogg isn't fond of the tactics 69 used though and he wants that to be known across the internet. On a post detailing Alex Spiro's addition to 69's legal team, The Doggfather spoke out in a comment, telling Spiro to fail at his job. "Let that [rat] rot," wrote the old school rapper about Tekashi. "G code."

Snoop Dogg was recently fooled into thinking that a throwback photo of himself and Kurt Cobain was legitimate. However, it turns out that the weed may have damaged his brain cells because the photo in question was actually re-touched. Check out that story here.

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