Tekashi 6ix9ine recently entered a guilty plea to 9 counts in his ongoing federal case which includes conspiracy, racketeering, firearms offenses, drug offenses, and drug trafficking. According to reports, the GUMMO rapper's plea stems from a deal in cooperation with the prosecutors. To Snoop Dogg, this deal smells rat-like.

The Californian OG uploaded a video commentary to share his take on 6ix9ine's legal situation. In the clip, the rapper implies that the apparent decision to take deal stems from a shift in culture as demonstrated by the younger generation.

"N*ggas is bustas, man," he says in disappointment. "The era I come from, you couldn't tell on a n*gga." He continues with added humor. "I look like your auntie," he says in reference to the scarf covering his hair. "But that n*gga out there acting like your auntie telling on n*ggas. Your snitching, working with the government. After the government shutdown, the n*gga decides to work with the government."

Before speculating about the time Tekashi might serve for "snitching," Snoop concludes his critique of the youngins: "This new gang banging sh*t is robotic to me."

Tekashi 6ix9ine is believed to have used the recent indictment of one of his associates to leverage the deal.