Joe Budden is known to face confrontation without hesitation so no one is surprised when he chooses to instigate an argument. The latest went down during the tapping of a Love & Hip Hop: New York episode. He pointed and snapped his fingers at his opponent while his face puffed up with blood. Safaree was on the receiving end of his tirade and remained cool during the blast considering the subject of the argument, Erica Mena.

Joe Budden Pops Off On Safaree Over Erica Mena
Apparently, Safaree dared to invite his future wife to cast’s Costa Rica. This posed a problem for Budden. He felt like the homie should’ve given him a heads up that he had changed his mind about Mena joining the trip. Safaree was “lost” when Budden asked him, “You don’t feel like you owe me and my lady an apology?” Mayno was confused too asking, “What are we talking about?” Erica Mena happens to be Cyn Santana’s ex-girlfriend and Budden is clearly still affected by the way ended between the ladies.Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Budden said a call was in order to warn him of Mena’s presence before the fact, allowing him to “dictate my household in the appropriate manner.” Sounds like serious business. He even called the supposed lack of consideration as a “security breach.” Nicki Minaj was brought into the conversation to illustrate his point. Check out the dramatic blowout below.