Kehlani has been generously sharing her journey to motherhood via social media even though she was hesitant about the negative aspects of this kind of virtual intimacy. The singer, who is getting closer to her due date, eventually revealed both the blessings and challenges of her pregnancy with her following. The most recent memories Kehlani fans can witness come from the star’s baby shower.

Beautiful photos of the affair were uploaded to the star’s Instagram, showing some of the friends and family who came through in celebration of Adeya Nomi’s upcoming birth. Get a glimpse of the love fest below.

Kehlani is clearly grateful to be so well-surrounded. “what a beautiful shower. i’m in awe of all the love we got. all the love she go,” the mommy-to-be tweeted. “they made a video slideshow and i cried harder than i think i’ve ever cried. every second of today was perfect. thank you God. thank you Yaya. you are perfect.”

As for gifts, Kehlani seemed most pleased with “auntie SZA.” Apparently the year’s supply offered by the CTRL artist made Kehlani cry tears of joy. The woman of the hour is already looking forward to her second shower, which is set to be lit too. She’s thinking of wearing oversized burberry.