2 Chainz is the man of motivation next to DJ Khaled and Diddy. The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper broke his leg last year and still managed to kick it on stage and deliver a dope performance for his albums tour. Chainz even got a custom-made pink wheelchair to make sure he was seated properly while rapping to his fans.

On his latest share to the Gram' Chainz is seen back up and running on the court, playing ball and landing a number of shots. The caption alongside the video is a bit of an inspirational one, detailing how much he only wants to make his "momma PROUD."

"My rhythm is off but the main thing is I'm walking again something I took for granted. People don't see what goes into being great because it is often behind closed doors," he writes. Peep the video below.

Just yesterday Chainz previewed a snippet of what he's been working on "behind closed doors." With another video post, the Georgia bred rapper was seen bobbing his head to a new beat. "I'm a misfit, dipshit, fish stick, sick shit times two, I'm cold, Swine Flu, must I remind you? Bitch!!!"