Quality Control has a pretty solid track record when it comes to developing new talent in Atlanta. They can take credit for Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, City Girls, and a few others but right now, the label is looking to strap the rocket to a teenager. Street Bud is a name that may be unfamiliar at the moment but in a few years, QC is banking on the fact that he’ll be a mega-star. There’s no shortage of rappers with colorful dreads but Street Bud might just be the youngest to deliver on the fad, signing a deal with Quavo and Quality Control.


Bud is one of the first artists to work directly with Quavo behind-the-scenes. While we can surely expect a few collaborations between the two, it looks like Huncho will be plotting how to help him grow his career. The 14-year-old is excited to have signed his first deal, hoping that the two major forces could assist him in blowing up.

If his name does sound a bit familiar, you may recognize the fact that the young rapper was previously the winner of The Rap Game, a Lifetime series hosted by Jermaine Dupri.

Let us know if you’ve heard his music before– what’s your opinion on it? Do you think Street Bud could be the next star?