The late XXXTentacion impacted so many people’s lives for the better. The man was changing. While he may not have built the perfect reputation for himself, he established several means of giving back to his community and the people he had damaged over the years. Through his Helping Hand Foundation, Jahseh Onfroy aimed to provide assistance to complete strangers who were suffering in the street. He also visited and donated to several women’s shelters later in his life. We all know how his story ended and, since his unfortunate passing last year, his family and estate have made it a point to keep the music coming. They’ve been criticized for that but alas, here we are announcing another single release.

With Bad Vibes Forever seemingly just around the corner, another new posthumous single from XXXTentacion is here. Arriving on global streaming platforms last night, “Hearteater” is an emotional song, speaking about heartbreak and referencing Jah’s ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala who previously accused him of violent domestic abuse. She will be appearing in the official music video, which is another move that X fans have been confused about. However, in a voice memo released last week, the recording artist could be heard stating his intentions to include her in the clip.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Hearteater, why’d you eat my heart alive?
Still breathing, why you looking so surprised?
Hearteater, try but you will not suffice