This year, the legendary BET series RAP CITY: THE BASEMENT would have celebrated its thirtieth birthday. For those who grew up during some point of its tenure, Big Tigger’s Basement conversations and cyphers with the game’s elite made for peak television, especially in an age where before YouTube and Social Media. While it was once a cornerstone in any artist’s promotional run, The Basement sadly faded from the mainstream eye, left as a relic emanating the faintest glow of Old Head Energy. Now, thanks to the work of Beast Coast, said Energy has blossomed into full radiance.

Beast Coast Bring Back Big Tigger For Epic "Basement Cypher"
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

With their upcoming Escape From New York album set to drop on May 24th, Beast Coast brought Big Tigger and The Basement back into the fold for an incredible, nostalgic, and hard-hitting cypher with Powers Pleasant on the ones and twos. Off the bat, Big Tigger sets it off with a heated warm-up verse, calling out anyone who dare forget The Basement’s impact. Zombie Juice is next up, bringing furious bars, while Issa follows suit, matching Juice’s intensity with an understated charisma. The procession continues, with Meechy Darko, Joey Bada$$, AK, Kirk Knight, and CJ Fly all putting in work over era-appropriate instrumentals from Sean Paul, Mobb Deep, The Clipse, and much more. By the time Erick Arck and Nyck Caution close things out, Beast Mode has long been achieved. 

Overall, Beast Coast: The Basement Cypher should put a smile on any hip-hop head worth their salt. Look for the New York collective to do big things upon their imminent release. Who do you think had the best verse?