Some things are simply not meant to be. Such was indeed the case for Diddy and Lori Harvey’s brief relationship, which appears to have come to an end. According to a post from Honey German, the couple have decided to part ways, though the extent of how it all went down remains unknown. Of course, given the vast age difference between 49-year-old Puffy and 22-year-old Harvey, many felt the coupling was doomed to fail from its inception. And yet, the heart wants what it wants nonetheless, regardless of how Nick Cannon might feel about it. 

Diddy & Lori Harvey Reportedly Call It Quits
 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

At this time, neither party has openly addressed the breakup, nor does it seem likely that Diddy will actually make a statement. It should be noted that Harvey and Diddy have been linked for a minute, albeit for a slightly uncomfortable reason; apparently, she once dated Diddy’s son Justin Combs, which might have made for an awkward family reunion. Though it’s unclear whether the unexpected bout of Bad Boy bonding had anything to do with the split, one thing is for certain – social media feels an unearned sense of validation all the same.

And thus, another hip-hop love story comes to an end. Did this one die before it could truly live?