Neither Sean "Diddy" Combs nor Lori Harvey have confirmed that they're in a romantic relationship, but people are convinced she's on her way to becoming the first lady of Bad Boy. The pair were first spotted together way back in March when they were seen attending a reggae show in Miami. There was plenty of speculation to go around, but "sources" came forward to assert that the pair were just friends, as the Combs' and the Harveys have known each other for years—especially because Lori was rumored to have dated Diddy's son, Justin Combs.

Earlier this month, Diddy and Lori were photographed on vacation with Lori's parents, Steve and Marjorie Harvey, in Italy. Social media had its own meltdown as pictures of their possible May-December Romance circulated, yet still, both Diddy and Lori have kept the nature of their relationship hush-hush.

In a recent interview with VladTV, the topic of relationships surfaced and Nick Cannon shared his thoughts on older and younger partners. Back in 2008, Cannon was 27-years-old when he wed 38-year-old Mariah Carey, so while he doesn't have a problem with age differences, Diddy and Lori's potential hook up is a bit unsettling.

"She's what? Twenty-three? [Vlad interrupts to reply that she's 22] And he's 49. Twenty-two and 49. Aw, man!" Cannon exclaims. He asks Vlad if he has a problem with it before answering his own question. "I don't have a problem with that, but I would heartbroken if that was my own daughter...To each his own. But I would feel like I failed as a father if I'm sitting across the table with a dude the same age as me that's dating my daughter. I would feel like I failed."

He did add, "I can't speak on what that man got goin'." Vlad suggested that money plays a factor in Steve and Marjorie's acceptance of the relationship because they wouldn't stand by and let Lori date a 49-year-old truck driver. Watch below.