Tech N9ne Already Knows People Won't Like His Answers On "This Or That"

Tech N9ne gives mad props to Kanye West and tells an electric story about Caribou Lou.

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One of the first things that Tech N9ne told us before beginning his This Or That interview was that he already knew his episode would resonate with the fans, simply because his answers would be controversial. The legendary rapper stopped by our office to try out one of our toughest games, where we ask the dopest artists to make some seriously difficult decisions. Sometimes, the simplest inquiries help you learn so much about someone. For example, are you more of a morning or nighttime person? Do you primarily go for alcohol or weed? Your personality is made up of so many different aspects of you and Tech N9ne opened up a little about what makes him so special.

Tech N9ne Already Knows People Won't Like His Answers On "This Or That"

Starting off his round with a supernatural question about aliens and ghosts, the rap mogul noted that he's been on the lookout for mystical beings for a minute. "I've been looking for ghosts for a long time," revealed the recording artist. "I stopped when my mom died in 2014. I looked for ghosts for decades and the forty-eight years I've been living on this planet -- I mean the twenty-five years I've been living on this planet -- I've still not seen anything greater than a human being or a beautiful animal or the sun or the moon. Nothing supernatural."

When tasked with choosing a Kanye West beat or a feature from the Chicagoan, Tech N9ne was quick to show major love to the artist for his production standard. "I've been wanting to get some beats from Kanye," he said. "I think he's amazing with his beats. I know he is, I think that motherfucker's amazing. Whoever thought to use Steely Dan [on "Champion"] and cut it like that... If that n***a came up with that, ouu!" He then went on to praise his older and more recent records, including "Jesus Walks" and "Ghost Town."

Watch the latest episode of This Or That with Tech N9ne above and see why he chooses Michael Jordan over LeBron James.

Tech N9ne Already Knows People Won't Like His Answers On "This Or That"

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