New York’s Time Square draws in quite the crowd on New Year’s Eve and CBD company Elixinol had that exact fact in mind when launching an ad in the heart of the Big Apple. Elixinol’s advertisement in Time Square marks the first of its kind being the only cannabis ad, sparking many to follow in pursuit. 

“A year ago, we were denied advertising in Times Square,” Chris Husong, director of sales and marketing for Elixinol said in a statement. “What a difference a year makes — we join the entire hemp community in celebrating what’s to come in 2019.” According to Biz Journal, other companies such as Weedmaps (a weed dispensary locator) have tried to score the prime real estate in the past but was denied. 

The ad, as seen below, will run between from 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. on 15-second increments on multiple boards in the square. “Elixinol is currently available in 40 countries, including Europe, Japan, and South America,” the company’s co-founder and president added. “I think we’ll see more international opportunities because both the FDA and the World Health Organization are declaring CBD safe.”

The upcoming companies to be advertised in the square are said to be Cannabis Network Media, Curved Papers, My Bud Vase, MTracTech and Restorative Botanicals.