This might be the last instance for onlookers to ingratiate to Lil Nax X and his followers. The little known “Internet-rapper” released a cowboy/cowgirl-themed song called “Old Town Road,” charting concurrently across several of Billboard’s channels.

Not only did “Old Town Road” crack the Billboard Hot 100, off the strength of a visualizer comprised of footage from Red Dead Redemption 2, but it also landed atop the Country charts as well, all thanks to a glitch in the system.

Nas-X" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Nas X is doing everything in his power to cling to the cowboy motif. Even a celebratory pose saw X let out a catchphrase reminiscent of the Yukon Gold Rush. “WE IN HEAAAA!!!!” X exclaimed via Instagram while chart data to prove his accomplishment. As it stands, “My Old Town” occupies the 83rd position on Billboard’s Hot 100, with signs pointing to further gains in the coming weeks, should the song reach an unlikely stasis in popular culture.

The YoungKio-produced song has been downloaded a startling 4,000 times in the week ending March 7th and has earned itself 5,186,865 views on YouTube, last I checked this afternoon. While Lil Nas X is perhaps nothing more than a faceless prankster riding the TikTok meme to fleeting success, “My Old Town” is perhaps the perfect specimen for explaining Memetics to hapless baby boomers the world over.