The production duo of Brasstracks has returned with another horn-laden bop, this time tapping into the talents of Kyle Dion to deliver on their latest “Professional” single. 

Dion’s flawless falsettos and the richness in the Brasstracks backdrop makes for a lethal combination that adds much flavor as a late summer entry. It’s a refreshing break from the norm for listeners who aren’t too familiar with either talents’ repertory.

“[Professional] feels like the start of a new chapter for us,” Brasstracks says of the new track.  “We’re finally doing what we’ve always wanted to do with this one. Instead of doing everything ourselves, we got some of our favorite musicians to play the core parts […] Kyle wrote his ass off on the song, along with Bijou [Choder]. They brought a vibe that we never imagined we’d get to. But we’re here now […] be very prepared for more. 

Quotable Lyrics

I need my check playa
Run me what you owe
Nothing less or more
I keep my cards close on a need to know
You don’t need to know