Common is getting ready for the release of a brand new album in the near future. It’s interesting to see Common’s career these days. Ever since the release of Universal Music Control, it seems like he’s been on a more grown-man tip. In recent years, he’s been doing a ton of social work in and outside of his community and that seemingly bleeds into his music. Although he’s always included social commentary in his music, it’s even more interesting to hear his insight from a generational perspective. On his latest song, “Show Me That You Love,” he speaks about the hardships of being a father and how he’s watched his daughter grow and eventually become his teacher in ways. It’s a lovely single with a very jazzy vibe to it. 

Check out his latest song below.

Quotable Lyrics
It’s the things that you didn’t do, not what you did
It hurt her spirit when she saw me with another woman’s kid
I went back and thought to love her, I gotta listen
Now love and action is the new vision
She said dad, let your actions be your loudest speaker
And my daughter is now my teacher