The ASMR wave became huge late last year and it continues to grow in popularity. In the hip-hop community, we’ve seen a few people hop on the ASMR wave. 21 Savage actually released a song called “asmr” after testing out his whisper flow on Metro Boomin’s album. We even saw Cardi B explore the world of ASMR with W Magazine. Now, Nessly has hopped on the wave and came through with his own single titled, “ASMR!” Although there isn’t much whispering involved in Nessly’s new single, he does relate ASMR to putting a silencer on a gun. It’s a short song that runs for a little less than a minute and a half but it’s still a banger. 

Nessly released his last project, Standing On Satan’s Chest, earlier this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on Nessly.

Quotable Lyrics
I put a silencer on that bitch, don’t make it whisper like ASMR
N***as was lying ’bout money, I had to hang ’em off the cliff like I’m Scar
Ridin’ around with a chopper loaded, when I let it off, sound like Mufasa