We live in an era where posting your personal business is a normal, everyday occurrence, but A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is regretful for putting too much of his relationship life on social media. Fans appreciate when artists are vulnerable and honest with them, but “putting people on blast” or airing out one’s dirty laundry can get a person in some trouble. Take A-Boogie, for example.

Just a few weeks ago, the rapper shared on social media that he wasn’t able to see his daughter Melody. “I miss Melody odee rn,” he wrote in an Instagram Story post. “Seems like everything is trying to stop me from seeing her. Don’t wanna talk to nobody but her rn.” His ex-girlfriend, Ella Rodriguez, known as “Ella Bands,” let it be known that she’s not keeping him from doing anything.

“I don’t know why this boy posting s**t like I don’t let him see his child,” she wrote on her own Stories. “It’s not my fault u wait till I catch u cheating to finally let us go come on tour and now it’s just bring Melody knowing I don’t wanna come anymore. This man trynna switch s**t on me and involve my child.”


Now that the 23-year-old rapper has had some time to think things over, he’s using social media to plead for his family back. He posted a photo of himself with Rodriguez and his daughter along with a lengthy message asking for Rodriguez to take him back. “Smh It really takes losing what you have to love and appreciate what you had,” he wrote. “I hate to be the type to regret things but I f**ked up like crazy with you and I regret every little mistake even tho it made me open my eyes and realize what really matters to me.”

“I love you no matter what and I will never disrespect you in any type of way ever again whether you accept me after all I’ve done or not,” the rapper continued. “You are everything a man can ask for and gave me a beautiful family to love, prosper, and cherish. I was never an outspoken person with anyone but you, my best friend. I can’t even imagine starting over smh. I want you more than ever rn but I truly understand if I’m not forgiven. You will always be my best friend and true love love at heart!”