Still riding the wave of Hoodie SZN's number one spot, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie took a break from celebration to swing by The Breakfast Club. Speaking with Envy, Charlamagne, and Yee, the rapper opened up about his current mindstate, fatherhood, the game, and more. 

Charlamagne is quick to notice the presence of "dad stress" on A Boogie's face, which elicits a laugh from the rapper. "My daughter getting me mad right now," he says, though any genuine anger is likely dulled by love. "I don't even wanna talk about it, she wilin' right now," he smirks. When Charlamagne and Angela claim that a child's mind knows nothing of "motive," A Boogie sings a different tune. "She like a grown lil baby, she knows what she's doing."

Still, the man has ample cause for celebration, seeing as Hoodie SZN is currently the country's number one album, though Future will likely have a few words about that in the imminent future. It doesn't take long for Charlamagne to tease A Boogie over the comically low physical sales, which all but indicates the transitional nature of the industry. "Streaming taking over," confirms A Boogie. "I ain't even got physical copies!" 

For more from the New York rapper, be sure to check out the full interview below. Ya'll still bumping Hoodie SZN?