Friday (March 8th), A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was scheduled to make a special appearance at Queens Center Mall in New York when an uproar took place inside the shopping center where the rapper was to be.

According to reports by ABC7 New York, a larger-than-expected crowd showed up to the wristband-only event at the Puma store due to a half-day at schools and as a result, a lack of crowd control and pushing and shoving led to multiple fights breaking out as restless fans awaited the emcee. 

The inability to get things under control caused the event to be cancelled altogether and even led to other fights throughout areas of the mall. Naturally, video evidence of some of the fights made their way to the Internet, with on, in particular, displaying two women as they fought while a group of others look and film on.

Law enforcement was eventually called to the scene to disperse the crowd, even resorting to shutting down parts of the mall calm things down. 

"They are throwing tables, they are jumping people and they are arguing with the security guards," one woman relayed to reporters.

While the event was cancelled, police also report that students who had the day off were also causing chaos by ransacking another sneaker store in the mall.

Hours later, A Boogie made his way to a performance in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.