This weekend, we reported on the bizarre string of videos that Key Glock had posted of himself, destroying fellow Memphis rapper, Young Dolph’s cars. Equipped with a baseball in hand, Glock took to smashing the windshield windows out of several of Dolph’s pricey vehicles, including his camo-printed Rolls Royce. Dolph responded in a threatening, but clearly playful Instagram Story post, confusing the situation even more. We speculated at the time that the two could be taking part in these destructive antics in the name of self promo, in a day and age where artists like Lil Pump are utilizing absurd and over-the-top jinks the same way you would guerilla marketing. Now, it seems our suspicions have been confirmed, because the two have come through to release with the video to accompany their brand new single, “Baby Joker,” which previews the very same camo Royce Glock had smashed.

The two pay ode to the beloved Friday franchise in their visuals for “Baby Joker,” even titling the song after a character in the 2000 sequel Next Friday. The duo appear to be in Rancho Cucamonga, as they hilariously attempt to try their luck with Joker’s sister, whilst also avoiding a potential beatdown. The video adds a layer of depth to the well shot, vivid visuals, by employing a humorous and suspenseful storyline, as the two appear as though they are having the time of their lives taking part in.