Freddie Gibbs Delivers Soulful Summer Jam On “Cataracts”

“Bandana” is full of bangers.

BYKarlton Jahmal
Freddie Gibbs Delivers  Soulful Summer Jam On “Cataracts”blur mask

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib dropped off what many are calling an instant classic with BandanaNow, I'm never the person to call a project classic without at least a few months of listening, but Bandana is a magnificent piece of art. Gibbs and Madlib deliver an album for true hip-hop lovers. The soul of hip-hop is strong with this one. From the lyrics and flows, to the beats and concepts, Bandana is an album that should not be missed this Summer. 

Tucked away on the 15 song effort is "Cataracts," a soulful Summer banger. The instrumental will make you want to drive down the freeway with the windows down while Gibbs drops heartfelt lyrics about the struggles he's witnessed. The percussions are very subtle, giving Gibbs the ability to twist his flow any way he pleases around the vintage sample. 

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck Generation X, this generation genocide
Your social stat make you fantasize about a homicide
To me, the God Allah is the black man personified
Anticipatin' and killin' my own in search of wealth
Should he come knockin' at the door of your home, you know, for death
Knew the Lord was in the room when my daughter took her first breath
Cold turkey on the dope, had to gain the knowledge of self


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