Early Friday morning Gucci Mane dropped off his 14th studio album, a record that showcases a slightly different Gucci than the one fans have idolized over the years. While Delusions of Grandeur is a hot record, many fans were hoping that the Guwop star would deliver more of what he’s done in the past. Gucci stepped out of the box on a few of his tracks and in the words of Jay Z, if you want the “old sh*t, buy my old albums.”

A stand out track on Delusions of Grandeur is “Lame” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross. Each rapper drops a verse while Gucci rides the catchy, “lame” repeating chorus throughout. Ross arguably has the best verse on the single, but each artist’s addition adds to the attractability of the record. On Gucci’s verse, he rapped about overcoming obstacles, including his own rage, and recognizing that there were “clout chasers tryin’ to come up off my name.”

Last year, Gucci chatted with Los Angeles’s Power 106 radio station about rebuilding his life and career following his prison stint. “I was in jail, I got out, I’m a comeback story,” he said. “I’m so glad that everybody, like, celebrated me, you know welcomed me home. I love it. But, you know, for so many years I was blackballed, you know what I’m saying. I felt like I had to scrape to get my foot in the door. It’s like look at me now. Damn, I out-lasted all my peers, I out-lasted all the critics, you know. And, I had to be like street smart and savvy, so that’s why I had to be like a ‘evil genius.’”

Quotable Lyrics

Brick boy, I’m whipping work up like I’m Nick Gordon
In a purple 9-11, still in a bidding war
Belle Harbor, Neiman Marcus, I bought the fifth floor
Took her shoppin’, need it all ’cause fat boy just gettin’ more (Me)